Oregon should lead the way on legalizing the licensed interstate transfer of cannabis to other legal states. The Oregon industry faces many challenges — legal export is the solution, and OR Senate Bill 582 is the first step.

Many Problems.

OREGONIANS: Contact your legislators and tell them you support Senate Bill 582 to allow Oregon to enter into agreements with other legal states for licensed interstate transfer of cannabis. Look up your legislators and write, call or visit today!

  • Oversupply

  • Illicit production

  • Unregulated export and distribution

  • Diversion from the legal market

  • Organized crime

  • Protecting children

  • Economic crisis in the locally-owned industry

ONE Fix.
Legal export for Oregon means less crime, more revenues, and a stronger economy. 

Reduce Crime: Licensed interstate transfers will incentivize licensure and compliance and will significantly reduce crime and the amount of cannabis leaving Oregon illegally.

Increase Revenue: Tax revenues from interstate export will be larger - by orders of magnitude - than current revenues from in-state sales.  These revenues can and should benefit cash strapped producer counties, and the state as a whole.

Open new legal markets: Opening up new markets to Oregon’s world class cannabis will - if we act quickly enough - save hundreds of Oregon businesses, representing hundreds of millions of dollars in local capital, and thousands of jobs.

Many problems. ONE fix.