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Licensed Interstate Transfer.

Prohibition distorts markets. The ban on licensed interstate transfers of cannabis has negative impacts on the environment and patient access, and significantly limits opportunities for racial and economic equity in the newly legal industry. The ONE Fix Cannabis campaign is dedicated to legalizing licensed interstate transfers of cannabis products between legal states. Please join us.

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Breaking news! Oregon Legislature passes interstate trade bill!


In a harbinger of the future of the cannabis industry, the Oregon Legislature today passed a measure that will allow the governor to enter into agreements with other states for the licensed transfer of cannabis between legal markets. Senate Bill 582, which passed the House in a bipartisan vote of 42 to 17, would take effect when the federal government signals that it will tolerate interstate trade in cannabis. The bill now goes to Governor Kate Brown’s desk.

“The Emerald Region, from Oregon through Northern California, is one of the best and most important cannabis-producing regions in the world,” says Adam J. Smith, Founder and Executive Director of the Craft Cannabis Alliance. “In fact, this region has produced the lion’s share of the nation’s domestic cannabis for generations.  As we move inexorably towards regulated markets, this bill brings us one step closer to sharing Oregon's bounty, legally, with consumers everywhere.”

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Business Insider has published a story that gets right to the heart of why Oregon needs export. 2.8 million views and counting! Please watch it and share it widely.

Craft Cannabis Alliance’s Adam J. Smith speaks at the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture

Craft Cannabis Alliance’s Adam J. Smith speaks at the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture

Craft Cannabis Alliance’s Adam Smith to state ag directors: the future of cannabis is interstate commerce

On Feb. 27, Craft Cannabis Alliance founder and executive director Adam J. Smith participated in a cannabis legal roundtable at the winter policy meeting of the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture. As legalization advances, Smith urged the directors and secretaries of 50 states and four territories to consider a not-too-distant future when the federal prohibition on interstate commerce in cannabis is lifted. “As you contemplate standing up massive regulatory structures for your newly legal cannabis industries, remember that the state protectionism of any crop is a historical blip,” Smith said. “The future of the cannabis industry is not 50 self-contained production industries. When the walls come down, producers in any given state will have to compete with producers from the traditional producer regions.”

Oregon export bill has first public hearing!

On Feb. 7, the Oregon Legislature’s Senate Judiciary Committee heard a round of public comment on SB 582, a bill that would allow Oregon’s governor to enter into an agreement to export Oregon cannabis to another legal state. The committee heard testimony in favor of the bill from locally-owned producers, the lobbyist for the Associated Oregon Counties, and the directors of the Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association and the Craft Cannabis Alliance. At the end of the hearing, committee Chair Sen. Floyd Prozanski, who is also the bill’s sponsor, directed committee staff to convene a workgroup in order to amend SB 582’s language to ensure the law would anticipate a broad range of potential scenarios for licensed interstate transfer. UPDATE: On March 12, the Oregon Cannabis Retailers Association brought more than 50 members to Salem to lobby in favor of SB 582.

Oregonians: Look up your legislators - call or write today and tell them you support SB 582!


Rolling Stone: What is Oregon going to do with over a million pounds of excess weed?

“We’re looking at hundreds of millions of dollars of local capital that is at imminent risk,” Adam Smith, founder of the Craft Cannabis Alliance, tells Rolling Stone. “This is real money out of people’s pockets, in a state that can’t afford this kind of economic devastation over a short period of time….It matters that we understand that this is not an oversupply problem, it’s a political problem, a market access problem and a prohibition problem.” (More…)


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